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Volunteer and Accommodation Update for the 50th Hobie Nationals

The 50th Australian Hobie Cat National Championships is fast approaching, and big things are falling into place!

The intrepid team hosting the 50th Hobie Nationals in Jervis Bay, NSW, the Vincentia Sailing Club (VSC), are working tirelessly to make this event one to remember for the next 50 years. But, they can’t do it alone..

The VSC is looking for some energetic volunteers from the Hobie Family to help out in the organisation and running of the 50th Australian Hobie Nationals taking place over the 2022/2023 New Year period.

This is going to be a truly spectacular event that you will not want to miss! So, if you’re not sailing, why not come down, or up, or across the country to provide a much appreciated helping hand, and join the party with the rest of the Australian Hobie Family!

If you are a Hobie Sailor, or have EVER been a Hobie Sailor, this is the event you cannot miss.

Food and Drink will be provided whilst you are assisting as a volunteer, along with dinner and seating at the presentation of your corresponding series.

Series 1, playing host to the Hobie 16 Opens, Hobie 17s, Hobie 18s and Hobie 14 Turbos, is taking place from the 28th – 31st December, with the  presentation and New Years Eve celebrations taking place at the Vincentia Country Club.

Series 2, however, will see the Hobie 14 Opens, Hobie 16 Women & Youth, Dragoons, Tigers and Wildcats hit the water for four epic days fo racing from the 2nd – 5th of January, with presentation taking place once again at the Vincentia Country Club.

We’re looking forward to catching up, sharing a yarn, and a beverage or two at the most spectacular Australian Hobie Cat National Championships we will see for the next 50 years.

If you are interested in joining the team, fill out all sections of the form below to help VSC gain an understanding of who might be joining them in the running and organisation of this fabulous event.

Volunteer Here

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The Hobie Family, on location, during the VSC’s Round the Bay Rally. New Years Eve, 2021.

Updated Accommodation Information

As we all know, the New Year Period is always the busiest, no matter where we are sailing; and Jervis Bay is no different.

One of the Jervis Bay locals, Jake de Rooy, has an airbnb called ‘Earthside Accommodation‘, and is leaving this open to any Hobie Sailor that is interested in staying in a Hobie Family certified home.

The Vincentia Sailing Club have done a bit of digging in the spare time and have found a bunch of wonderful places for all you Cowboys and Cowgirls to stay, all within walking distance of Plantation Point. So, if you’re still struggling to find a place to call home for the 50th Hobie Nationals, look no further than Jervis Bay Breaks.

Jenny is a well known throughout the Jervis Bay community, and is guaranteed to look after the Hobie Family.

At the time of press, all the following properties below are vacant from Boxing Day 2022. Book directly via Jervis Bay Breaks to ensure you receive the best deal possible. All properties can be viewed via Jenny’s website.

  • 261A Elizabeth Drive, Vincentia
  • 261B Elizabeth Drive, Vincentia
  • 4/20 Anne Street, Vincentia
  • 13 Anne Street, Vincentia
  • 8 Miller Street, Vincentia
  • 59 Minerva Avenue, Vincentia
  • 2 Foley Street, Vincentia
  • 11 Caroline Street, Vincentia
  • 12 Whitshed Place, Vincentia
  • 11 Argyle Street, Vincentia
  • 5A Susan Street, Vincentia
  • 9 Illfracombe Avenue, Vincentia
  • 35 Illfracombe Avenue, Vincentia
  • 60 Elizabeth Drive, Vincentia
  • 3/42 Elizabeth Drive, Vincentia
  • 3/49 Beach Street, Vincentia
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2022 NSW Hobie 14, Women & Youth State Championships, from Quinny’s spot.