Hobie Cats Vincentia NSW

Update on the 50th Anniversary Australian Hobie Championships

A update ont he 50th Australian Hobie Cat National Championships taking place at the Vincentia Sailing Club on Jervis Bay, NSW over the New Year period, especially in light of last year’s most unfortunate cancellation. (And before you forget, here’s just a gentle reminder we are still moving ahead in the planning for the NSW Hobie 14, Women and Youth States in October with the members from Vincentia Sailing Club [back-up dates being the 12th, 13th and 14th of February], as well as the Hobie 16 State Championships that are currently due to take place at Twofold Bay Yacht Club, Eden in December).

The NSWHCA and the Vincentia Sailing Club are working hard to put on the 50th Anniversary of the Australian Hobie Nationals this year, and this will be the experience of a lifetime. Trying to factor in the unpredictability of our Nation’s restrictions (etc.) makes this task both frustrating, challenging and (fingers crossed) rewarding at the same time.

We understand that if the members of any State or Territory is unable to reach Jervis Bay on the 28th of December due to border restrictions, this event will regrettably not be classed as an Australian National Championships for obvious reasons. But regardless, the Vincentia Sailing Club is still working towards hosting an event over the new year period. However, the name and status of this event will be determined by the restrictions in place at the time, and the events leading up to it.

At this time, the NSWHCA is working closely with Hobie Cat Asia Pacific in finalising the NOR and entry forms for both State Championships and the Nationals. With the optimism that these events still have a chance of going ahead, we highly recommend that you still look at booking accommodation for the current dates as planned (just a quick mention that Jervis is a wonderful location for a holiday).

With the Hobie 16 World Championships currently planned to take place sometime in 2022, the logistics for an alternate qualification event will need to be determined. We hope to the wind gods that we do not have to cross this creek.

On SATURDAY 20th NOVEMBER, a final decision will be made and published on the ANHCA/NSWHCA Website and Facebook.

We believe this five-week lead time will provide all parties involved with enough time and flexibility to plan for alternative arrangements.

In the meantime, take care of yourself, take care of your mates and by all means…go and get bloody vaccinated.