Hobie Bad News Regatta

Regatta postponed due to ongoing lockdowns

With much disappointment, the committee of the NSWHCA, in consultation with Vincentia Sailing Club, have decided to POSTPONE Series 1 of the NSW Hobie Cat State Championships, being inclusive of the:

  • Hobie 14s
  • Womens
  • Youth classes

which was scheduled to take place from the 1st-3rd of October over the long weekend.

With so much of our state and the country still in lockdowns, and the uncertainty of when and to what extent they will be withdrawn, makes the hosting of a successful regatta at this point in time unviable.

The great news is that we will continue actively planning for the regatta on the reserve date of the 11th-13th February 2022, with the location to remain at the VSC.

NSW 2nd Series of the Hobie Cat State Champs coming up in December

The other excellent news is we are still intending to hold the 2nd Series of the NSW Hobie Cat State Championships for the:

  • Hobie16
  • Hobie18
  • Dragoon
  • Tiger
  • Wildcat

on the 04-05 December at Twofold Bay YC, Eden.

Now is the time to start making your plans.

However, if Greater Sydney or our great mates from Victoria are unable to make the journey, the event will be POSTPONED to a later date, in consultation with Twofold Bay YC.

Finally, we would like you all to know that whilst we understand these are very uncertain times, we intend on organising Hobie regattas over the 2021-22 season. We will remain flexible in our planning, and will be prompt in providing information to you all.

Watch this space and stay tuned for more action to come.

Take care and stay safe x