2017-18 State Titles

NSW Hobie State Titles this season will again be split into two rounds:

ROUND 1 – Illawarra Yacht Club – 2nd & 3rd December
This weekend is for H16 Open, Masters and GM and for the H17, H18, Tiger and Wildcat.

ROUND 2 – Palm Beach Sailing Club – 10th & 11th Feb
This round is an open Hobie regatta open to ALL classes of Hobies, and is the State Titles for the H14, H16 Youth and H16 Women.

So why have two weekends for different fleets? It gives us the opportunity to race a 16 or 18 with our regular crew, and also to show our stuff on the 14. Or for the women and youth that usually crew, they can sail their own event too.

This is a great way to build fleets across all the Hobie fleets, and another chance for us to all get together.