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Totally Immersed TV | Season 2 Episodes 1-4 | KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix

Totally Immersed TV | Season 2 Episodes 1-4 | KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix

Welcome to Totally Immersed TV at the KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix! The single greatest coverage of the second highest intensity sailing Championship on the waters of Planet Earth. You already know what the greatest is…

Paddy & Bella are in Barangaroo, Sydney, working as Hosts for the SailGP. This may be Bella’s third rodeo for the Australian event; however, Paddy is on the tools for the first time and networking harder than ever! With honking nor-easters forecasted for the east coast, Sydney Harbour will play host to the Hobie Family as they hit up the big-smoke for a weekend of mischief and madness.

Featuring in the four-part introduction to the second season of TITV, the Vincentia Sailing Club & Co. is treated to an Inspire Tech Tour with the Kiwi SailGP Team where they had the opportunity to yarn with some of the best sailors in the world. As Saturday came around, Team VSC & RQYS headed out on the harbour on Sydney 2000, where Jimmy, Hannah & Sophie caught all the action from above. Meanwhile, Bryn was on the Island capturing the the thrills and spills with the TITV camera, as Paddy sped around the race course at full noise on the Guest Chaser rib.

With a never before seen look inside the SailGP, check out the first four episodes of TITV Season 2 in all their glory.

  • Produced by: Paddy Butler.
  • Associate Producers: Bella Zanesco, Jimmy Winchester, Hannah Bates, Sophie Bates, Ellie Knorre, Bridget Raftery, Bryn Robinson-Mills & Elisabeth Smith.
  • Film Editing: Paddy Butler.
  • Cinematography: Jimmy Winchester, Brody Watt, Hannah Bates, Sophie Bates, Michelle Haynes & Paddy Butler.

TITV @ KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix (Part 1)

It’s a new year filled with new opportunities, and Totally Immersed TV is getting amongst it! It’s Thursday 16th February, and Paddy & Bella are working as official hosts for the KPMG Australian Sail Grand Prix. Over the weekend, they’ll be taking you behind the scenes of what was the most infamous regatta the league has seen yet! So, what are you waiting for? Come along at get Totally Immersed!

TITV @ KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix (Part 2)

Friday at the SailGP means only one thing: practice racing for the nine National teams competing over the weekend. Paddy’s on a mission to get to his first meeting of the day before an action-packed morning of tours. With Bella out on the water with the other hosts, Paddy was left to watch the action from the Adrenaline Lounge with the crew from the Australian Sailing Squad, before the Vincentia Sailing Club & Co. arrived for their unforgettable SailGP Inspire Tour with the New Zealand Team.

TITV @ KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix (Part 3)

It’s Saturday morning: Day 1 of the KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix. Paddy is on location with Bryn & Adrian, who are taking the TITV camera out on Genesis (Shark) Island; meanwhile, Jimmy has TITV’s new GoPro Hero10 Black out on the spectator boat with the rest of the Hobie Family. It’s a busy morning for Paddy & Bella running tours; however, there’s still time for Gav to sneak in behind the scenes as the SailGP Teams begin the process of getting out on the water.

TITV @ KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix (Part 4)

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a spectator on the water at the SailGP?

“Welcome everyone to Day 1 of the Australian Sail Grand Prix. We’ve got an absolute pearler of a day forecasted for Sydney Harbour with a honking nor-easter filling in early. Along with myself, Jimmy, Hannah & Sophie will be your gracious hosts, both on and off the water. So stick around, stay close, try not to wander off from the group too far and we’ll do our best to make this Tour the greatest one yet. And yes, feel free to take as many photos and videos as you like!”