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Totally Immersed TV | 2023 Combined High Schools Sailing Championships

Totally Immersed TV | Combined High Schools Sailing Championships | Parts 1 - 5

“Alright then, lets get into it crew'”

Welcome to the 44th Australian Secondary Schools Sailing Championships like you’ve never seen it before! Coach Paddy is on location with Bridget, Bryn and the rest of the Hobie Groms in a whole new adventure on the waters of Lake Macquarie. Taking you behind the scenes of the historic event where the Hobie Family’s famous “name” was first coined, TITV illustrates the CHS Championship from the perspective of the Hobie Grom’s and their experience both on and off the water. Tune in for the what was an epic week of “Cowboy Sailing”.


  • Directed & Produced by: Paddy Butler.
  • Executive Producers: Dave Fisher, Tracy Gowen, Michelle Haynes, Deirdre Krejlik, Helen Mills, Lisa & Peter Raftery & Andrew Watt.
  • Associate Producers: Bridget Raftery & Bryn Robinson-Mills.
  • Cinematography: Bridget & Jillian Raftery, Jimmy Winchester, Brody Watt, Charlotte & Zoe Ellis, Lisa Raftery, Helen Mills, Andrew Watt & Paddy Butler.
  • Film Editing: Bridget Raftery & Paddy Butler

Part 1

Welcome to the Combined High Schools Sailing Championships, your one stop shop on the east coast for all things Youth Sailing. Taking you behind the scenes is the Totally Immersed TV crew with a never before seen look at the historic event. Join Bryn, Bridget and the rest of the Hobie Groms as they share with you their experience as their brethren experience before them.

Part 2

It’s the first day of racing, and it’s looking to be nothing but a glass off. The Hobie Groms are inbound to Belmont 16s, with many of the crew sailing their vessel in the event for the first time. Jimmy & Brody are making use of the smooth tarmac, whilst Bryn & Bridget put their heads together to work out the maze that is the race course.

Part 3

“Insert short description that describes the various, and wildly entertaining, experiences of a dozen adolescents at a High School Sailing Regatta, with a touch of their parents running a mock in the super market”.

Part 4

It’s the second last day of the ‘Australian Secondary Schools Sailing Championships’, and the breeze has filled in well and truly! The Coach is in the process of reefing the main for Munyunga, whilst the boys hype themselves up for a big day of hunting down Bryn & Bridget. In this episode, witness the Coach experience a foiling Waszp for the first time, followed by a “quick” trip to the Lego Store as a much needed reward. Finally, enjoy a home cooked meal by none other than the TITV Major Sponsors.

Part 5

It’s the final day of the Secondary Schools Sailing Championships, and weather is absolutely SHOCKING! With a night full of torrential rain, and squalls galore forecasted for the morning, our Hobie Groms are in for a cold and miserable day on the water. However, as the sun begins to push through the clouds and afternoon breeze begins blow, it all will come down to the final race. Stay tuned for winners & grinners as we take you inside Belmont 16s for the annual CHS Presentation.