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NSW’s welcomes it’s first Hobie Dragoon at Vincentia Sailing Club

It was the maiden voyage for the NSW’s first brand-spankin Hobie Cat Dragoon on Friday morning, in the picturesque waters of Jervis Bay, NSW. The unlikely duo, Bonnie & Pat Butler, were given the privileged to test out the Dragoon early before school in a gusty SW, that can be seen by the the shots taken from Brad Sissins, took no prisoners.

The initial reactions from the pair indicated that the Dragoon was like no other boat they had ever sailed before, with Pat clearly indicating to the patriarch of the family: “Where the bloody hell were these things when we were 10 years old…”

The Hobie Dragoon is the optimal catamaran for young people. The stable, safe and exciting sailing experience that it offers children, allows them to experience for the first time what sailing truely is. As a two person boat, the Hobie Dragoon is perfect for children and teenagers who are looking at getting into competitive catamaran sailing. Whilst also allowing those already battle-hardened sailors a chance to run a muck with the self-tacking jib in a bit of breeze, as can be seen by the images below.

With a strong fleet of Dragoons building out of Somers Yacht Club in Victoria over the past year, and World Championships already taking place, it is about time that the Australian Dragoon fleet is given what it rightfully deserves.

The ANHCA, Hobie Asia Pacific and the Vincentia Sailing Club is proud to announce that the Hobie Dragoon will be having its inaugural National Championships, in conjunction with the 2022 NSW Hobie 14, Women & Youth States.

This is one of two Hobie Dragoons that will be put on the beach in Jervis Bay for the upcoming 2022 Hobie Dragoon National Championships, held in conjunction with the 2022 NSW Hobie 14, Women & Youth State Championships.

Hobie Asia Pacific have agreed to put TWO BRAND NEW Hobie Dragoons on the beach in Jervis Bay for 4 young sailors to race for the very first time.

So, if you’re a young and upcoming sailor looking for an awesome experience on the water and a chance to meet a bunch of new mates, or you’re already an experienced Dragoon skipper or crew, now’s your chance to get in on all the action down in Jervis Bay, NSW.

“This is the future of Hobie Sailing.”