• Is this the State Titles for all Hobie Classes?

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    No, this regatta is a State Titles for only the Hobie 16 (Open, Masters and Grand Masters), Hobie 18, Tigers and Wildcats.

    Of course H16 Women and Youth teams can compete in the open class. (We are still offering a discount to youth entries)

  • Who has States when??

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    Illawarra Yacht Club
    2nd & 3rd December 2017

    • H16 (Open, Masters, GM)
    • Hobie 17
    • Hobie 18
    • Tiger
    • Wildcat

    Palm Beach Sailing Club
    10th & 11th February 2018

    • Hobie 14
    • Hobie 16 Youth
    • Hobie 16 Women

    ALL Hobie classes invited to be part of Travellers Series

  • Why spilt the fleets?

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    Many of the people that sail 14s also sail 16s. A lot of women and youth are regularly crewing for husbands, partners or parents, and don't get the chance (or have a boat) to skipper themselves. By providing a seperate event for these classes at the recent Hervey Bay Nationals, it gave a lot of people the chance to sail 14 & 16, or Womens and Open - with different skippers / crews.

    What does all this achieve? The NSW Hobie Association wants to see ALL Hobie classes grow, and this is a great way to grow the 16, Women and Youth fleets without hurting the other fleets. It is also a perfect opportunity for all the Hobie family to get together for another weekend of sailing, and socialising.

  • Can I come if I'm on a 14, or H16 Women / Youth?

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    This is a HOBIE regatta!
    Women and Youth will race in the open H16 fleet.
    We encourage H14 sailors to get a ride on one of the classes racing at this event, and then show us all how its done on the 14 at Palm Beach in February

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