2022 NSW Hobie Cat State Championships Series 1 & 2 (UPDATED)

SERIES 1: Vincentia Sailing Club – Jervis Bay, NSW – 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th January

After the devastating decision made by the Great Lakes Sailing Club to cancel the 50th Anniversary of the Wildcat Regatta, and NSW being unable to exit the dreaded lockdown in time for the October long-weekend, the NSW Hobie Cat Association were faced with a difficult situation on their hands. Not only that, the 50th Anniversary of the Australian Hobie Cat National Championships tragically postponed due to restrictions experienced throughout Australia.

Yet, through headstrong perseverance and some solid collaborative discourse with our mates from the Vincentia Sailing Club, Jervis Bay Brewing Co. and Hobie Cat Asia Pacific. The NSWHCA is proud to announce that the Hobie 14 State Championships, along with the Hobie 16 Women and Youth, will be held at the Vincentia Sailing Club in Jervis Bay (home to the 50th Australian Hobie Cat National Championships).

The event will take place from 2nd January through to 5th January, with presentation taking place on the evening of the final day of racing.
Social events will include a welcoming party to be held at the Jervis Bay Brewing Co. in Huskisson, with presentation to be held after sailing at the Vincentia Country Club.
NOTE: If enough races are completed over the first 3-days of the event, the 5th will become a lay-day.

This event will be open to all CLASS LEGAL Hobie 14s and Hobie 16s of Women and Youth Helm/Crew.
There will also be a start line available to all other classes of Hobie Cat, so if you don’t fit in with one of the above classes, you won’t miss out!
Additionally, the NSWHCA and ANHCA are proud to announce that this event will also be home to the FIRST EVER Hobie Dragoon National Championships! This is a class of Hobie Cat that has World Championships, with a enthusiastic fleet already sailing out of Somers Yacht Club in Victoria. It will be an excellent opportunity to showcase this terrific boat for the next generation of Hobie Sailors.

So, whether you’ve just bought or are looking to buy one of the BRAND NEW European Hobie 14s that have arrived in the country …. or you’re Botoxing the deck, re-gel-coating the hull or gluing up the castings of your RETRO Hobie 14 …. this is going to be spectacle for the ages.
Keep an eye on the forecast and stay tuned for more action to come.

SERIES 2: Twofold Bay Yacht Club – Eden, NSW – 18th, 19th, 20th February

After the highly eventful and tumultuous year that was 2021. The NSW Hobie Cat Association, in association with Hobie Asia Pacific and Twofold Bay Yacht Club, will hold the NSW Hobie Cat State Championships on the far South Coast of NSW in Twofold Bay, Eden.

This State Championships will run in conjunction with Twofold Bay YC’s annual regatta, during the third weekend in February 2021.

During February of 2020, the NSW States in Twofold Bay were postponed due to the tragic circumstances arising from the Black Summer Bushfires. With a new date set for the final weekend in March, things were looking like they were coming together swimmingly. However, a little mishap known as Covid-19 came along and put an end to the NSW States for good, and for life as we knew it. So the NSWHCA decided to set the date for the first weekend in December, 2021. But who could’ve picked at the start of 2021 that the year would turn out as dramatic as it has.

So, after all the hardship that the Twofold Bay YC, Eden and the entirety of NSW’s far South Coast have been through since late 2019…
…the NSW Hobie Cat Association believed it was fitting that we head down south, or up north, or even a long way east to compete on the blue waters of Twofold Bay for the NSW Hobie Cat State Championships.

The States will be inclusive for:
– Hobie 16 Opens, Masters, Grand Masters
– Hobie 17
– Hobie 18
– Tiger
– Wildcat
– for the Hobie 14s, Womens (16s), Youth (16s) and Dragoons, this will not be classed as a State Champs, but there will be start line available for these sailors.

So pack your bags, plan your travels and book your accommodation because this will be an event you will not want to miss!

These events is planned to take place in accordance with current COVID-19 restrictions.