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2022: A Totally Immersed TV Special

“We’ve been the Australian Hobie Class, and this is Totally Immersed TV!”

Watch in wonder and totally immerse yourselves in the year that was. With takes from Jervis Bay, Twofold Bay, Moreton Bay, Currumbin Alley, and finally the Hobie 16 Worlds in Spain, the Australian Hobie Class has had another astounding year to date. Finally, the Hobie Groms will send you home with what they do best…

Director, Writer & Producer: Paddy Butler

Consulting Producers: Andrew Warneke, Bryn Robinson-Mills, Will McKenzie & Carmen Andrews.

Cinematography: Paddy Butler, Andrew Warneke, Elisabeth Smith, Bryn Robinson-Mills, Meagan Bursa, Haylie Andrews, Carmen Andrews, Ellie Knorre, Jimmy Winchester, Brody Watt, Bridget Raftery, Charlotte Ellis, Saxon Perry, Jarrod Hatton, Geoff Rowdon, Jed Fatches, Luke Crouch, & RQTV.


  • Mlikumana – King Stingray
  • Good times – Jungle
  • 2001 – Foals
  • Buy Me A Pony – Spiderbait
  • Feels Like A Different Thing – Confidence Man
  • House Of Holy – Client Liasion
  • Famous – Parcels