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2021 / 2022 Australian Hobie Cat National Championships


The  2021 / 2022 Australian Hobie Cat National Championships will be hosted by Vincentia Sailing Club, Jervis Bay .

The Hobie 16 Open event will take place first, with the mixed fleet in the second series. We know there are quite a few 16 teams that take their H16 Open nationals very seriously. These guys can now sail their “main event” and then kick into fun mode and jump on a 14, Tiger or Wildcat to mix it up in series 2. This will also make more boats available for the H16 Youth and Women events in Series 2.

Series 1  28 December – 31st December 2021.
National Championship for:
Hobie 16 Open
Hobie 16 Masters
Hobie 16 Grand Masters
Hobie 16 Great Grand Masters
Hobie 18

Series 2   2nd January – 5th January 2022
National Championship for:
Hobie 14
Hobie 16 Youth
Hobie 16 Women

Please book your accommodation as soon as possible as Jervis Bay is a popular tourist destination and this is holiday season.

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